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Upon learning that I had made it onto the transplant waitlist, I was filled with incredible happiness. When I get a kidney transplant, I will have so much more time and energy. In fact, I plan on going to college and medical school to become a nephrologist. But waiting for a deceased kidney transplant doesn’t guarantee a quick solution. Getting a kidney from a deceased donor could take 5 years or more. That’s a long journey battling kidney disease, and a lot can happen while I wait. That’s why I’m sharing my story actively, hoping to find a living kidney donor who could save my life. Your share could be the difference. Please SHARE this post and my website to spread the word! I truly appreciate your support!

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SHARE this post to help save Armondo’s life! Hi everyone! Armondo has recently reached out to me with an immediate request: he’s in dire need of our assistance in locating a living kidney donor. Although I’m unable to donate, I’m dedicated to broadcasting his message far and wide. Your share has the power to make a significant impact. Let’s rally together to ensure that Armondo finds a living kidney donor. Share this message now to help save Armondo’s life!

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We are immensely #determined to find a living kidney donor for Armondo, whose unwavering strength in facing this challenge inspires us daily. Every day, we work to spread the word, in the hopes of finding a match that could change his life. With your support, whether through sharing his story on social media, we can amplify our efforts and bring us one step closer to finding Armondo the life-saving gift of a living kidney donation. Join us in our mission to make a difference, and together, let’s help Armondo find his living kidney donor.

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What I want my future kidney donor to know:

It’s not easy for me to openly admit this, but kidney failure has shaped my life in ways I often keep to myself. The impact has been profound, affecting me more deeply than many realize. Getting a new kidney isn’t just about extending my lifespan, but also about reclaiming the vitality kidney failure has stolen from me. I want to attend medical school to specialize in nephrology, and a new kidney could help me achieve this goal. This journey isn’t just about restoring my health; it’s about fulfilling my dreams and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, too.

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We believe if we ask and have hope, our message will reach many people and we will find that special person who will save Armondo’s life. He is so young and has so much to live for. Please help!

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