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Upon learning that I had made it onto the transplant waitlist, I was filled with incredible happiness. When I get a kidney transplant, I will have so much more time and energy. In fact, I plan on going to college and medical school to become a nephrologist. But waiting for a deceased kidney transplant doesn’t guarantee a quick solution. Getting a kidney from a deceased donor could take 5 years or more. That’s a long journey battling kidney disease, and a lot can happen while I wait. That’s why I’m sharing my story actively, hoping to find a living kidney donor who could save my life. Your share could be the difference. Please SHARE this post and my website to spread the word! I truly appreciate your support!

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What I want my future kidney donor to know:

It’s not easy for me to openly admit this, but kidney failure has shaped my life in ways I often keep to myself. The impact has been profound, affecting me more deeply than many realize. Getting a new kidney isn’t just about extending my lifespan, but also about reclaiming the vitality kidney failure has stolen from me. I want to attend medical school to specialize in nephrology, and a new kidney could help me achieve this goal. This journey isn’t just about restoring my health; it’s about fulfilling my dreams and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others, too.

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