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When I found out I made it on the transplant waitlist, I was extremely happy. This opportunity could potentially change my life, as kidney disease prevents me from doing the things I once loved. A new kidney would help me feel less tired, enable me to return to work, and allow me to enjoy spending more quality time with my loved ones. The wait for a deceased kidney transplant isn’t swift; many, including myself, wait for 5 years, or sometimes even longer. It’s a grueling battle against kidney disease, and much can unfold during this time. This is why I’m sharing my journey—hoping to connect with a living kidney donor who can change my life. Your support matters—please share this post and my website. I truly appreciate your help!

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Having a second chance at life is something I deeply yearn for. Despite the challenges I face, I’m filled with a youthful energy and a burning desire to accomplish so much more in this lifetime. There are countless dreams and aspirations that I’m eager to pursue, and your generosity in considering donating a kidney gives me hope for the future. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my journey, to experience life to the fullest, and to make a positive impact in the world. Your willingness to offer this gift means more to me than words can express.

Imeleta Needs a Kidney – Please SHARE to Help Her Find One!

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Contrary to common concerns, studies have shown that living kidney donors do not have a higher risk of developing kidney disease or other health issues later in life. In fact, donors often go on to lead healthy, fulfilling lives after donation.

Share This Post to Help Imeleta Find a Kidney Donor!

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We urgently need your help to find a lifesaving kidney donor for our beloved Imeleta. She has been bravely battling kidney disease, but now she needs the kindness and generosity of someone willing to donate a kidney to give her a chance at a full and healthy life.
Imeleta’s story is one of resilience and hope. She has faced this challenge with grace and courage, but she cannot do it alone. We are reaching out to our community in the hopes that someone out there will be the hero Imeleta desperately needs.

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