Terril Needs a
Living Kidney Donor

“There are not enough words in my vocabulary to say thank you to express how much a donor’s life saving donation means to be. My donor would become as one of my family to me and I hope they would know how much gratitude is in my heart.”

Terril’s Story

Terril is a wonderful husband, father, and friend who is very involved with his church.  He constantly gives back to those in need.  Now, he is hopeful someone will see his story and decide to give back to him.

Terril was diagnosed with a hereditary Polycystic Kidney Disease from his mother’s side and he faces worsening health complications. Despite discovering kidney issues a decade ago, only dietary advice was provided. Seven years ago, a specialist in Idaho diagnosed the severity, and last summer, with a GFR below 20, a kidney transplant became imperative. Terril grapples with physical fatigue, hindering activities, and mental distress due to an uncertain future. The lack of clarity prevents him from planning, impacting his emotional well-being.

We Need to Find a Living Donor

Given the hereditary nature of PKD in Terril’s family, finding a living kidney donor is crucial. The majority of his family members may not be suitable donors due to their own potential predisposition to the disease. Waiting for a deceased donor for more than five years is not an ideal option, as Terril’s health could further deteriorate during this period. Therefore, the most promising path forward for Terril is to seek a living kidney donor, offering him a chance at a healthier future.

Donor Eligibility Requirements

Terril is extremely lucky to have secured highly qualified medical help and support from the team at the University of Utah Health (UUH). He wants any interested persons to know that they will be in exceptional hands should they decide to step forward. UUH has shared the following as a pre-qualification list for donation:

Must be between the age of 18-69 years old.

Must be healthy and free of major health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity (BMI of 37 or less).

Must be mentally and emotionally healthy.

You Can Help Save Terril's Life!

Interested In Donating?

Complete the short contact form and a GiftWorks' Living Donor Navigator will respond within 1 day to guide you through the next steps in the process.

Have Questions About Donating?

Having questions is normal! Complete the short contact form to set up a time to speak with a GiftWorks' Living Donor Navigator; a guide who knows what it's like to donate a kidney because they've donated in the past.

Want To Help In Other Ways?

You can help by sharing Terril's page today! Also, be sure to share Terril's posts on social media each week to spread awareness of his story. Sharing posts is one of the best ways to help Terril find his lifesaving donor.

Process for Stepping Forward for Terril


Fill out the short contact form and a GiftWorks’ Living Donor Navigator will reach out to you within 1 business day to set up a time to connect.


During your time with a GiftWorks’ Living Donor Navigator, you will get to ask questions and receive answers from a living kidney donor. They will tell you more about the process, address non-medical concerns, and connect you to valuable resources.

Complete Breeze

Breeze is a health questionnaire that will be reviewed by the hospital’s medical team to determine your eligibility for living donation as well as the next steps.

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Terril H
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Finding out that I was on the transplant waiting list was amazing. Receiving a kidney would change my life in so many ways. It would be so wonderful to be able to do things again without getting tired, and I could plan things with confidence to do in the future rather than asking myself, “Will I be healthy or live long enough to do this?” Waiting on the transplant list for a deceased donor kidney doesn’t guarantee a swift transplant. Many patients, including myself, endure waits of five years or longer. During this prolonged period, battling kidney disease presents significant challenges. This is why I’m sharing my journey actively. By sharing my story, I aim to connect with a potential living kidney donor who might consider extending the ultimate gift — the gift of life. Your support can make a difference today — please share this post and visit my website. https://giftworksuuh.com/terrilh/

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Help Save a Life! Hey everyone! Recently, Terril reached out to me with an urgent plea: he needs our help finding a living kidney donor. While I can’t be the one to donate, I’m determined to spread his story far and wide.

Sharing this post could make all the difference. Let’s come together to ensure Terril gets the support he urgently needs. Share this now and be a part of this life-changing mission! https://giftworksuuh.com/terrilh

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With every beat of Terril’s heart, there’s an unwavering #hope that a living kidney donor is out there, waiting to make a life-changing difference. Terril’s journey is not just a quest for survival but a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Your support in sharing Terril’s story amplifies this hope and spreads the message to potential donors who may hold the key to his future. Let’s come together as a community, united in our mission to help Terril find his living kidney donor. Share this post now and be a part of Terril’s journey toward renewed health and vitality. Your simple act of sharing could transform Terril’s life. https://giftworksuuh.com/terrilh/

Questions & Answers

Terril has a hereditary disease known as PKD.  This means that most of his family members have it, or will have it, and are unable to donate.  Often times, the best donor is someone who is not a family member.

While the recipient's insurance will provide coverage for the donor, the donor needs to have their own health insurance in the rare event an unknown health issues comes up for the donor.

While the recipient's insurance covers all costs related to the donation (for Terril and his donor), there are expenses like travel, meals, and lost wages that can be incurred.  However, we want you to know there are resources available to ensure you do not have to pay for anything out of pocket. The GiftWorks' team can provide more information about those resources if you choose to step forward as a living donor.

Living kidney donors are often able to return to work within 2 weeks, and fully heal within 6-8 weeks. After surgery, the donor’s remaining kidney will also grow in size and function, allowing them to live normal life with just one kidney.

The following are pre-qualification requirements for living donation: must be between the age of 18-69 years old, must be healthy and free of major health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (BMI of 37 or less), and must be mentally and emotionally healthy.

The ideal outcome is for Terril is to find a living donor. He has already battled so much with his kidney disease that being on the kidney transplant waiting list for 3-5 years is simply not ideal. Long-term dialysis is also not ideal as it can lead to a variety of complications such as low blood pressure, injection site infection, and blood clots.

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