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Finding out that I was accepted onto the transplant waitlist made me so happy. I have so much to live for, and getting a new kidney would mean that I get to spend a lot more quality time with my loved ones. Being on the transplant waitlist for a deceased kidney doesn’t mean that I will get a kidney right away. Sometimes, it can even take 5 years or more. Battling kidney disease is tough, and I don’t think I can wait much longer. That’s why I’m now sharing my story: to find a living kidney donor who could save my life. Your share could make all the difference. Please help spread the word!

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I need your help with something really important. My dear friend Carrie is in desperate need of a living kidney donor. I wish with all my heart I could be the one to help her, but unfortunately, I can’t. So instead, I’m turning to all of you. Carrie’s story is one of courage and hope, and I believe there’s someone out there who can make a life-saving difference for her. By sharing this post, you could help us reach that person. Let’s come together and spread the word. Together, we can make a real difference in Carrie’s life and in the lives of her loved ones. Thank you for your support.

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Carrie’s journey to find a living kidney donor has been filled with hope and determination, yet the search remains ongoing. With each passing day, she bravely battles against the odds, clinging to the dream of a healthier tomorrow. As friends and supporters, we can rally around Carrie, spreading the word far and wide, igniting the spark of possibility in the hearts of others. Together, let’s amplify her message and empower those willing to #MakeADifference – share her story and help Carrie find her living kidney donor.

Please Share This Post to Find me a Living Kidney Donor

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A message to my future donor:

Your willingness to donate a kidney is nothing short of miraculous in my eyes. It’s a gesture that transcends mere words of thanks. It’s about a life-changing opportunity, one that could grant me more precious moments with my family. I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of hope at the mere thought of this possibility. Every day, I dream of the potential to experience more, to cherish every moment, and to continue building unforgettable memories with my loved ones. Thank you for your kindness and support – it means more to me than I can express.

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Giving often results in happiness. Consider SHARING if you agree. Some of the most selfless givers in our country are the 6,000+ people who decide to become living kidney donors each year. These individuals not only give the gift of life to kidney patients like Carrie, but they also give hope and the promise of new memories, restored health, and cherished time with loved ones.

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Unlike other organs, the human body can function perfectly well with just one kidney. This means that living kidney donors can give the gift of life while maintaining their own health. It’s an incredible opportunity to directly impact someone’s life and be a hero in their journey to health and happiness. SHARE to help Carrie in her search for a living kidney donor.

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Research shows that living donors, those generous individuals who donate a kidney, typically go on to lead healthy lives without any significant increase in health risks. Their remaining kidney functions efficiently, maintaining the body’s internal balance by filtering waste and regulating fluid levels.

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Carrie is actively searching for a living kidney donor. A transplant from a living donor offers her the best chance at a good quality of life. Carrie dreams of returning to the activities she loves, like teaching, spontaneous trips, and camping with her husband. Dialysis has stood in the way of the life she once cherished.


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A transplant from a living donor is my best shot at a good quality of life, allowing me to return to the activities I love, like teaching, spontaneous trips, and camping with my husband. Dialysis has disrupted the spontaneity I used to enjoy as well as my freedom.

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