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Did you know? Living kidney donation is a remarkable act of compassion that changes lives! Here are two fascinating facts you might not know:

1️⃣ One Kidney Can Do the Job: Unlike other organs, the human body can function perfectly well with just one kidney. This means that living kidney donors can give the gift of life while maintaining their own health. It’s an incredible opportunity to directly impact someone’s life and be a hero in their journey to health and happiness.

2️⃣ Safe and Rewarding Experience: Research shows that living kidney donation is generally safe, with the majority of donors experiencing little to no long-term health issues. In fact, many donors report feeling a sense of fulfillment and pride in knowing they’ve made a life-saving difference. It’s a rewarding experience that not only benefits the recipient but also brings immense joy to the donor.

Carrie is still looking for her special living donor.  You can learn more by visiting her website at: Thank you, in advance, for your compassion and support!

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