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When I found out I made it on the transplant waitlist, I was overjoyed. I want to have my transplant surgery and get back to living my life. However, being on the waitlist for a deceased kidney transplant does not mean I’ll get transplanted quickly. Most patients, like me, wait 5 or more years. That’s a long time for someone to battle kidney disease, and so much can happen while I wait. This is why I am actively sharing my story. I’m hoping to find a living kidney donor who will see my story and choose to save my life. That person will give me the greatest gift imaginable and give me the chance to start my adult life, skateboard, and spend more quality time with my friends and family. You can help me today – please SHARE this post and my website:

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Please help me by SHARING this post! Chris needs our help to find a living kidney donor who can save his life. It truly breaks my heart that I am unable to donate to him myself, and watching him go through this is incredibly painful, but I am determined to do everything I can to help him. I believe with all my heart that the right person will see this post and be moved to step forward and save Chris’ life by becoming his living kidney donor. This selfless act would be the greatest gift, not just to Chris, but to his loving family, friends, and the entire community that cherishes him. Please join me in my mission. Share this post today and help us find that special person who can give Chris the chance to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Living kidney donors truly are #superheroes, selflessly giving the gift of life to those in need. Their generosity embodies the purest form of compassion and heroism. If you’re inspired to become a hero like Chris’s potential kidney donor, consider registering as a living kidney donor today to help save lives. Your act of kindness could make a world of difference and bring hope to individuals awaiting life-changing transplants. Join us in spreading awareness and potentially changing someone’s life forever.

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Dear future kidney donor,

Something that I would like you to know is that my kidney failure diagnosis hit me just when my friends were stepping into adulthood and beginning their own journeys. I never got to experience this, and really look forward to beginning my adult life. Your generous donation will improve my health and quality of life, enabling me to dive back into the things I cherish the most, like hanging out with my family and hitting the skateboard. Thank you, future kidney donor, for your incredible kindness and for igniting hope within me. Your support means more to me than you know.

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Being able to give the gift of a kidney is an incredibly profound and special feeling. It’s a unique opportunity to make a tangible, life-saving impact on someone else’s life—a chance that very few people get to experience. By donating a kidney, you are not only helping to save a life, but you are also giving someone a new lease on life, filled with hope and possibilities.

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Living kidney donation extends beyond family ties. Anyone, including friends or even strangers, can potentially be a donor. It’s a unique opportunity to give the gift of life and profoundly impact someone’s journey to health and happiness.

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