Please SHARE to Support Me In My Search for a Living Kidney Donor

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Dear future kidney donor,

Something that I would like you to know is that my kidney failure diagnosis hit me just when my friends were stepping into adulthood and beginning their own journeys. I never got to experience this, and really look forward to beginning my adult life. Your generous donation will improve my health and quality of life, enabling me to dive back into the things I cherish the most, like hanging out with my family and hitting the skateboard. Thank you, future kidney donor, for your incredible kindness and for igniting hope within me. Your support means more to me than you know.

To each and every person who has stepped forward, I extend my heartfelt thanks. You’ve given me hope.

To those reading this, you can support me by in spreading the word by sharing/reposting this.

If the thought of donation resonates with you, please consider filling out the confidential contact form on my website. Your information is confidential. Filling out the form just allows you to step forward and receive additional information regarding donation from GiftWorks. Thank you!

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