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Dear potential living kidney donor,

I want you to know how much your gift means to me. As a young person with countless dreams ahead, I envision a future where I can pursue my passion for working with animals, travel across the U.S. to visit friends, and embrace the independence to live life to its fullest. Your donation will allow me the chance to truly thrive and fulfill my dreams, and that is something that I am truly grateful for.

I want to thank those who have stepped forward! I am not allowed to know who you are, but know I am grateful for you. I also do not know if a donor has been identified just yet, so it’s important that I continue to share my story. If you see this post, please consider sharing it.

If you have questions about donating, or are interested in being my donor, you can step forward (confidentially) by completing the contact from on my website. Once you do that, a Living Donor Navigator from GiftWorks will reach out to you to provide additional guidance.

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