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Please SHARE this post, written by Charolenn, her close family, and friends, to help us find that special person who will become her brave living kidney donor:

We recently had a heartfelt conversation with Charolenn about what she would want to say to her potential living kidney donor. Her words struck a chord deep within us: “It’s difficult to ask someone to donate their other kidney to me, it’s incredibly hard. I don’t normally ask for anything or ask for favors. I’m appreciative of anyone who even considers being my lifesaving donor.”

Charolenn’s humility and gratitude shine through even in the face of this monumental challenge. She needs our support now more than ever.

If you’re reading this and feel even a tiny spark of interest in potentially becoming Charolenn’s lifesaving donor, we implore you to take action. Your decision could mean the world to her and her loved ones.

Please visit Charolenn’s dedicated site and fill out the short contact form:

Once you take this step, a GiftWorks’ Living Donor Navigator will reach out to you within 1 business day to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please know that your decision to step forward is 100% confidential, and your privacy will be respected throughout the process.

Let’s come together as a community to support Charolenn on her journey to finding her life saving kidney donor. Your share of this post could reach the person who holds the key to changing Charolenn’s life forever.

With heartfelt thanks and hope!

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