Linda Needs a
Living Kidney Donor

“One thing that I would like to say to my future kidney donor is thank you, and I love that you are coming forward to help save my life. I don’t know how to repay you, as what you’re doing for me is such a gift.”

Linda’s Story

Linda’s presence in the lives of her family members as both a devoted mother and a cherished grandmother is nothing short of remarkable. Her warmth, boundless love, and compassionate nature have woven a tapestry of enduring memories and countless moments of joy. Even amidst the formidable challenge of battling kidney disease for the past 23 years, Linda has remained an epitome of resilience, facing each day with courage and grace. As she contemplates the prospect of undergoing dialysis, Linda harbors a fervent desire to sidestep this stage of treatment and instead seeks the possibility of receiving a kidney from a living donor. With unwavering optimism, she clings to the hope that somewhere out there, a compassionate soul will step forward, offering the gift of life and providing her with the chance to reclaim her health and vitality.

We Need to Find a Living Donor

Linda’s journey with kidney disease casts a shadow over her daily life, a persistent reminder to approach each moment with careful consideration and conserve her limited energy. The perpetual uncertainty surrounding her kidney function adds an additional layer of stress, as she grapples with the unknown duration of her kidney’s viability. Facing the daunting prospect of potentially waiting for up to five years or more for a deceased donor, Linda’s attention has turned towards the possibility of securing a living kidney donor. Such a generous act holds the key to a brighter tomorrow, presenting Linda with the best opportunity for a life filled with vitality and allowing her to continue cherishing moments with her beloved family and friends.

Donor Eligibility Requirements

Linda is extremely lucky to have secured highly qualified medical help and support from the team at the University of Utah Health (UUH). She wants any interested persons to know that they will be in exceptional hands should they decide to step forward. UUH has shared the following as a pre-qualification list for donation:

Must be between the age of 18-69 years old.

Must be healthy and free of major health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity (BMI of 37 or less).

Must be mentally and emotionally healthy.

You Can Help Save Linda's Life!

Interested In Donating?

Complete the short contact form and a GiftWorks' Living Donor Navigator will respond within 1 day to guide you through the next steps in the process.

Have Questions About Donating?

Having questions is normal! Complete the short contact form to set up a time to speak with a GiftWorks' Living Donor Navigator; a guide who knows what it's like to donate a kidney because they've donated in the past.

Want To Help In Other Ways?

You can help by sharing Linda's page today! Also, be sure to share Linda's posts on social media each week to spread awareness of her story. Sharing posts is one of the best ways to help Linda find her lifesaving donor.

Process for Stepping Forward for Linda


Fill out the short contact form and a GiftWorks’ Living Donor Navigator will reach out to you within 1 business day to set up a time to connect.


During your time with a GiftWorks’ Living Donor Navigator, you will get to ask questions and receive answers from a living kidney donor. They will tell you more about the process, address non-medical concerns, and connect you to valuable resources.

Complete Breeze

Breeze is a health questionnaire that will be reviewed by the hospital’s medical team to determine your eligibility for living donation as well as the next steps.

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I Need to Find a Living Kidney Donor – Please Share to Help Support My Mission!
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When I discovered I had been placed on the transplant waitlist, I was overjoyed. A new kidney would enable me to return to the activities I cherish, pursue a part-time job, and enjoy more meaningful moments with my family. Being on the waitlist for a deceased kidney doesn’t guarantee a quick transplant. Many of us, myself included, wait five years or more. It’s a challenging time battling kidney disease, and so much can change while waiting. That’s why I’m sharing my story actively—I’m hoping to find a living kidney donor who might see this and choose to save my life. You can help today by sharing this post and my website. Thank you!

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Weeks ago, Linda asked me to help her find a living kidney donor. Unfortunately, I am unable to donate to Linda, and it breaks my heart that I cannot do so. However, I am determined to support her by sharing her story with everyone I know. I truly believe that the right person will see these posts and choose to step forward, saving Linda’s life by becoming her living kidney donor. This person will not only give Linda the greatest gift imaginable but will also bring immense joy to her family, friends, and community.
Join me in this mission by SHARING this post today. Thank you!

Sharing This Post Would be Extremely Helpful For Linda
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Linda’s journey to find a living kidney donor has been filled with hope and challenges. Despite the hurdles, she remains steadfast in her search for a match that could transform her life. By sharing her story, you’re not just spreading awareness but potentially connecting her with someone who could be her lifesaver. Your support means the world to Linda and could make all the difference in her quest for a brighter, healthier future. So, please, take a moment to share this page and help Linda in her courageous battle to find her living kidney donor. Your support would be extremely #helpful

Questions & Answers

Despite family stepping forward, there are cases where family is not eligible or even the best match.  In some cases, the best match is someone who is not immediate family or even unrelated.

While the recipient's insurance will provide coverage for the donor, the donor needs to have their own health insurance in the rare event an unknown health issues comes up for the donor.

While the recipient's insurance covers all costs related to the donation (for Linda and her donor), there are expenses like travel, meals, and lost wages that can be incurred. However, we want you to know there are resources available to ensure you do not have to pay for anything out of pocket. The GiftWorks' team can provide more information about those resources if you choose to step forward as a living donor.

Living kidney donors are often able to return to work within 2 weeks, and fully heal within 6-8 weeks. After surgery, the donor’s remaining kidney will also grow in size and function, allowing them to live normal life with just one kidney.

The following are pre-qualification requirements for living donation: must be between the age of 18-69 years old, must be healthy and free of major health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (BMI of 37 or less), and must be mentally and emotionally healthy.

If Linda doesn't find a donor, she would likely have to endure the lengthy wait on the kidney transplant list, which could significantly prolong her suffering and increase the risk of complications associated with her condition.

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