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Please help SHARE this message written by Jim and his inner circle, as they seek a living kidney donor who could potentially save his life:

🌟 Wondering why living kidney donation is a game-changer for patients? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Better Outcomes: Living donor kidneys typically function better and last longer compared to those from deceased donors.

2. Shorter Wait Times: Living donors offer a quicker route to transplantation, saving precious time for recipients.  Some patients, like Jim, will wait years before they are able to receive a kidney from a deceased donor.  

3. Healthier Recovery: With a planned surgery, recipients and donors can prepare both physically and emotionally for the procedure, leading to smoother recoveries for all.  

Jim is still seeking a donor who may give him the gift of life.  If you have an interest (or even questions), please complete the contact form at and a Living Donor Navigator will reach out to you personally and confidentially. 

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