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Please SHARE this post, written by Tom, his sons, and close friends, to help us find that special person who will become his brave living kidney donor:

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for sharing Tom’s story.  Your shares are helping us reach so many people who may see what is happening with Tom’s health and make the courageous decision to step forward. 

This is challenging for all of us.  First, it takes tremendous strength from Tom to share his story and need for a living kidney donor.  He knows it’s a “big ask”, but he also knows it’s his best path forward.  

This is also tough for his sons (Hunter, Ryker, and Josh) because the kidney disease Tom has (PKD) is hereditary.  This means they could inherit it and, despite wanting to donate, may not be eligible to.  Truly, your help and support mean the world right now.  Please SHARE this post to continue to support Tom in his search for a living kidney donor.  If you have an interest in becoming his donor and would like more information, please complete the contact form on

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