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Hey everyone,

I hope this post finds you well. Today, I’m reaching out with a heartfelt request, and I’m asking for your help to share this post far and wide.

📢 Please SHARE this post to help save my Carrie’s life!

In February 2021, Carrie, was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. Since then, her journey has been filled with challenges. Her nephrologist recommended a kidney transplant in May 2021, and she’s been on dialysis, patiently waiting for a deceased donor.

Unfortunately, the wait continues, and now Carrie is actively searching for a living kidney donor. A transplant from a living donor offers her the best chance at a good quality of life. Carrie dreams of returning to the activities she loves, like teaching, spontaneous trips, and camping with her husband. Dialysis has stood in the way of the life she once cherished.

💙 Our ask from you is simple but powerful: SHARE Carrie’s story.

Please visit and SHARE the website we’ve created Your support is more meaningful than you know.

Additionally, in the coming months, Carrie will be sharing updates on her Facebook and Instagram accounts (and so will I).  If you see my posts about Carrie, please like and share them.  We need to reach many people to increase her chances of finding her lifesaving donor.

Our hope is that with support from kind and caring individuals like you, Carrie can finally receive the kidney she so desperately needs and go on to live a happy and full life.

If you’re interested in becoming Carrie’s kidney donor, please visit and fill out the contact form. A GiftWorks Living Donor Navigator will get back to you in 1 business day to offer support and guidance. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. Your SHARE could be the lifeline Carrie needs!

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