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Hey friends,

I hope this post finds you well. I’m reaching out because I could really use your help and support in a crucial time of my life. Please take a moment to read and SHARE this post so it can reach as many people as possible.


In February 2021, I was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease, and since then, I’ve been on dialysis, waiting for a deceased donor. My nephrologist suggested a kidney transplant in May 2021 as my best option, but the wait has been challenging.

I’m now actively searching for a living kidney donor. A transplant from a living donor is my best shot at a good quality of life, allowing me to return to the activities I love, like teaching, spontaneous trips, and camping with my husband. Dialysis has disrupted the spontaneity I used to enjoy as well as my freedom.

While I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d consider becoming my living kidney donor, my immediate ask is for you to SHARE my story. The more people who know, the better chance I have of finding a match.

👉  Please SHARE this post and SHARE my website: Your support means more to me than words can express.

With your kindness and that of others, I’m hopeful that I can find the kidney I desperately need. If you’re interested in becoming my kidney donor, please fill out the contact form on the website. A Living Donor Navigator from GiftWorks (someone who has actually donated a kidney before) will reach out to you to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. Your SHARE could make all the difference.

PS – over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more posts about my transplant journey.  If you could “like” and SHARE those, it would be so helpful. 


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