Michael R

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When I found out I made it on the transplant waitlist, I was incredibly happy. With a new kidney, I’d be able to spend more time with my family and travel with them around the world, making new memories. Being on the waitlist for a deceased kidney transplant doesn’t promise a swift procedure. Many of us, like myself, face waits of 5 years or more. It’s a challenging journey with kidney disease, and so much can unfold during this time. That’s why I’m sharing my journey. I hope to connect with a living kidney donor who’s moved by my story and chooses to give me the gift of life. Your support matters—please SHARE this post and visit my website to learn more. Together, we can raise awareness and make a difference. Thank you for your kindness and help! https://giftworksuuh.com/michaelr/

Please SHARE to Help Me Find a Living Donor

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I understand that the thought of giving up a kidney might be daunting. Yet, your selfless act will significantly enhance my quality of life. I am profoundly grateful for your willingness to offer this gift, knowing it will improve another’s well-being in ways words can’t express. Your kindness inspires me to pay it forward and cherish every moment, living life to its fullest with a heart filled with gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – your generosity means more than words can describe.


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