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Please help us spread the word by SHARING this post written by Charolenn, along with her dear family and friends. Together, let’s find that extraordinary individual who will step forward as her courageous living kidney donor. 

🌟 Did you know? Living kidney donation is a remarkable act of generosity that saves lives! Here are 3 eye-opening facts about this selfless act:

1. Living donors can lead healthy lives: Contrary to common misconceptions, donating a kidney does not typically lead to long-term health problems. In fact, donors undergo thorough medical evaluations to ensure they’re healthy enough for donation, and studies show that they can live just as long as those with two kidneys.

2. Shorter wait times, quicker recovery: For those in need of a kidney transplant, receiving one from a living donor significantly reduces the wait time compared to waiting for a deceased donor organ. Additionally, recipients of living donor kidneys often experience faster recovery times and better long-term outcomes.

3. Paying it forward: The impact of living kidney donation goes beyond the recipient. It can inspire others to consider donation, raising awareness about the importance of organ donation and potentially saving even more lives in the process.Charolenn is still looking for the special person that might step forward to save her life.  She is beyond grateful for your kindness and compassion.  To receive more information about donating to Charolenn, please complete the contact form on her site at:

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