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Linda, her family, and close friends are creating these posts to help spread awareness of her need for a courageous living kidney donor.  Please SHARE to help us reach more people!

MYTH: Living kidney donation is risky and harmful.

FACT: Living kidney donation is generally safe, with careful screening and medical evaluations to ensure the donor’s well-being. Most donors go on to live healthy lives with one kidney and are able to return to work just two weeks after donating their kidney.  A very short time with a very long-term impact!

MYTH: Only young and fit individuals can donate a kidney.

FACT: While age and fitness level are important considerations, they’re not the only factors. Each potential donor undergoes thorough medical and psychological evaluations to determine suitability for donation.  Just as the patient has a medical team looking out for them, so too do living donors. 

If you have an interest (or even questions) about becoming Linda’s living kidney donor, please complete the short contact form on her site Once you do, a Living Donor Navigator will reach out to you to provide additional information, guidance and resources.  

Thank you for your time and compassion!

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