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Learning that I had been placed on the transplant waitlist filled me with incredible joy. Receiving a new kidney would help me in so many ways, including having the energy to spend quality time with my loved ones. Being on the waitlist for a deceased donor kidney doesn’t guarantee a quick transplant. Many patients, myself included, often wait five years or more. This extended wait is challenging for anyone coping with kidney disease, as many things can change during this time. That’s why I am proactively sharing my story. I’m seeking a living kidney donor who might be inspired by my journey and choose to save my life. Such a person would give me the most incredible gift imaginable. You can assist me today by SHARING this post and my website (please):

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It’s not easy for me to reach out and ask for such a significant gift. It feels like an immense request, one that weighs heavily on my heart. Asking for help isn’t something I’m accustomed to, but this situation has shown me the value of reaching out and the importance of receiving support when it’s needed most. I want you to know that your consideration alone means the world to me. Your willingness to even consider this act of kindness touches me deeply, and I can’t express how grateful I am.

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Living donors can lead healthy lives: Contrary to common misconceptions, donating a kidney does not typically lead to long-term health problems. In fact, donors undergo thorough medical evaluations to ensure they’re healthy enough for donation, and studies show that they can live just as long as those with two kidneys.

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We recently had a heartfelt conversation with Charolenn about what she would want to say to her potential living kidney donor. Her words struck a chord deep within us: “It’s difficult to ask someone to donate their other kidney to me, it’s incredibly hard. I don’t normally ask for anything or ask for favors. I’m appreciative of anyone who even considers being my lifesaving donor.”

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Did you know that dialysis, while life-saving, isn’t a long-term solution? Charolenn undergoes dialysis three times a week, spending precious hours away from her loved ones. Every moment counts, and she could be using this time to cherish moments with those she holds dear, doing the things she loves.
The wait for a deceased kidney donor could stretch to 5 years or more, stealing away valuable time from Charolenn’s life. Time is our most precious asset, and every day matters.

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